"Tastes like france, but comes from here!"

Bergische Waldquelle is a smooth natural mineral water totally uncarbonated. It has a very smooth and mild flavour, normally attributed to French mineral waters. The main difference is of course that the Bergische Waldquelle is local and contributes to climate protection because of the short transportation distances.

To retain the unique quality of our products we treat them with utmost care – from the spring to the bottle. Find out more about our quality here.

Because of the very low sodium content the Bergische Waldquelle is especially suitable fort he preparation of baby and infant meals as well as being used in a sodium-reduced nutrition.

"Good for babies - great for us all"

Bergische Waldquelle is just perfect for the preparation of baby food.

When preparing baby or infant food you want to be certain that the water you use is also good for your baby, because for “baby waters” there are special strict limiting restrictions.

Babies do have a very sensitive metabolism which should not be overloaded with minerals or other dertrimental substances. As normal baby food contains all the required nutritional elements it is best to use only mineral waters with a low level of mineralisation – such as e.g. the Bergische Waldquelle. It is low in sodium, uncarbonated and particularly well digestible. As defined for “baby waters” the Bergische Waldquelle also contain no nitrates or nitrites, as these are especially damaging for the young metabolism even at low concentrations. By the way, mother’s milk has slightly alkaline values of around 7.08 to 7.2 pH – just like the Bergische Waldquelle with a pH of 7.2.

The Bergische Waldquelle from the company Haaner Felsenquelle is not only great for babies, but especially suitable for the whole family.

Low sodium content

The human body needs about one gram of sodium per day. However, in our society there is an over-supply, and not a deficiency in sodium, which is one of the causes of hypertension. A sodium-reduced diet is thus recommended. Bergische Waldquelle is with 8.9 mg per litre one of the sodium-poorest mineral waters in Germany is therefore extremely well suited for a sodium-reduced diet.