"… but small also means
especially close and responsible …"

We don’t see our family company as just a business but rather as a responsible member of society and part of the natural environment of our home region, the BERGISCHE LAND.

That’s why we are actively involved in taking on tasks in environmental protection, in the care for our regional life style and culture as well as in our social responsibility.

For example, have you ever thought about the fact that other mineral waters are transported over distances up to a thousand kilometres while the regional marketing of our products ensures short transportation distances? This way you and the Haaner Felsenquelle both make an active contribution to climate protection.

"Bergisch" – a confusing name for a region

Unfortunately, the name "Bergisches Land" (which translates as "Mountainous Country") has little to do with the landscape of this region, as one might think.
In fact, the name is derived from the former aristocratic rulers, the Counts von Berg, and it is only a coincidence that it is still used tody for the charming hills and mountains east of the river Rhine.

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