The Bergische Land - quality is our nature.

The special nature of the Bergische Land is the basis for the quality of our natural mineral waters. They are naturally pure. Our task as a spring bottling operation consists of preserving the natural quality and purity during processing and bottling. In Germany, natural mineral water is the only comestible that can only marketed and sold with an official approval. The strict guidelines of the German Mineral and Drinking Water Ordinance precisely specify the quality requirements and the permitted refinement processes.
Our mineral waters may only be labelled “Natural Mineral Water” because they are officially approved and meet the following strict requirements:

  •       They arise in sources from underground aquifers,
  •        they are of natural and original purity,
  •        they are bottled directly at the sources,
  •        they have a natural mineral content,
  •        they have a nutritional effect,
  •        they are permanently subjected to tests to ensure highest quality.

So water is not the same as water – make sure you drink the right one!